Dave Sharma

I’m a father of three daughters and a husband to their remarkable working mother, Rachel. We live in Paddington and work hard to balance family, work and home life. It’s often a struggle.

As your Member for Wentworth I’ll always fight for your values and provide the forward-thinking leadership that Wentworth deserves. I’ve spent my whole career advocating for Australia’s interests abroad, but I love nothing more than delivering for our community.


About Dave

Born to a father of Indian heritage and an Australian mother, Dave Sharma’s family settled in Sydney in the 1970s. At age 12 he lost his mum to breast cancer and says:

“the beliefs I hold dear today – the importance of family, a belief in self-reliance, and a desire to help – stem from this time.”

Dave’s dad instilled in him the value of education. He went to his local public school and topped the state in the HSC with a TER of 100, before getting First Class Honours in Law from Cambridge.  …READ MORE >>

Latest news

AFR Oped: Climate needs reason not rhetoric

Climate change is a serious and difficult challenge. It deserves a response which is sober and analytical. So it was disappointing to see a group of scientists – usually a bastion of reason and empiricism – demanding we declare a "climate emergency" and warning of...

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Some thoughts on my friend Andrew Hastie’s oped

Hastie is right to ring the bell on this issue, and to warn that our greatest vulnerability lies in our thinking, which is Panglossian at times. The comparison with Germany is an entirely valid one. The two major conflicts of the 20th century – the two world wars –...

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Stronger Communities Programme – GRANT NOW OPEN

Federal Member for Wentworth, Dave Sharma MP, encourages all non-profits and community organisations within Wentworth to apply for Round 5 of the Stronger Communities Programme. The Liberal and Nationals’ Government has committed $22.65 million to provide funding for...

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