Your humble correspondent was pleased to have a brief cup of tea and a long chat with Dave Sharma, the erstwhile Liberal candidate for Wentworth, at my local cafe last Tuesday morning. I now get why all those who’ve dealt with him in government and the Libs have such a high regard for him. Smart, eloquent and accomplished, he has views on the political sphere worth listening to. Will he run again in the next election? He would not say, but I suspect he will put his hat in the ring.

And nor would he make comment one way or another on the theory I put to him, but I put it to you anyway: The next Liberal prime minister after Scott Morrison will smell of pumpkin scones, not fire and brimstone. That is, with the Libs hurtling to disaster with too many extreme nutter ideologues up the front of the bus, the only way back to electoral relevance will be for the moderates – who by definition have the best chance of getting votes from the centre – to rise up.

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