What Dave stands for

Strong economic management

We cannot have a strong social safety net and world-class schools and hospitals without a strong economy.

To deliver a strong economy, we need to repair the Budget, so the government lives within its means and so we can reduce the debt burden on the next generation.

Building a stronger economy also means backing small businesses, encouraging start-ups and innovation, pursuing trade and export opportunities, building infrastructure, and keeping taxes low – to encourage hard work, saving and enterprise.

Protecting our natural environment

Our local communities are unique. Protecting and preserving our open spaces and heritage is a high priority for me. This is about maintaining the character and quality of life in our suburbs, and ensuring that Wentworth remains a great place to raise a family.

I will work alongside local community groups and different levels of government to oppose overdevelopment, protect our open spaces, and preserve our valuable heritage.

Responsible action on climate change

We owe it to our children and future generations to take serious and credible action on climate change.

But we also owe it to them to do it in a responsible way – one that prioritises the lowest-cost pathway towards a lower carbon future, which minimises economic disruption, and that recognises that we can only properly address this challenge by working with global partners and through a global framework.

I will work to support and smooth Australia’s transition to greater renewable energy, and meeting our Paris commitments, whilst making the best use of technology and maintaining power affordability and reliability through projects like Snowy 2.0.

I will be an advocate for greater Australian leadership in international climate change negotiations, and work to convince our major partners to do their fair share in reducing emissions.

Lower, fairer taxes

By delivering a stronger economy and balancing the budget, we can lower taxes to encourage hard work and enterprise.

In addition to lower taxes for local small businesses, this year the Liberal Government has delivered major tax relief for thousands of Eastern Suburbs locals.

More public high school choices

My three daughters and their whole generation deserve the best possible future. A world-class education system is the key to that.

Parents should have choice in public education close to home, but demographic change is straining our local public schools and making it harder for our families. 

We badly need more public high school choices in the east, and to find a site for a second public high school. Only a Liberal member for Wentworth can work with state and local Government to achieve this.

I’ve spoken with the previous NSW Education Minister, Rob Stokes, and the current Minister, Sarah Mitchell, to advocate for this on behalf of the community, and I will continue to work with the NSW Government to deliver outcomes for local families.

As your full-time representative, I would work hard to ensure that your kids and mine have access to high quality public high school education.

Forward-thinking leadership

Global and technological changes mean that Australia faces a number of unique challenges in the decades to come.

I’m committed to preparing the Australian economy and workforce for the jobs and industries of the future.

Australia should be an Asia-Pacific leader in innovation and technology, making use of our natural strengths, our highly-skilled workforce, and our world-class research centres. I’ll work to help Australia compete better in the technology era.

At the same time, changes in Australia’s strategic landscape are introducing new risks and uncertainties for our security as a nation. I will help Australia chart a course in a more challenging geopolitical environment, to protect our freedom and security and ensure our neighbourhood remains peaceful and stable.

Improve transport and schools infrastructure

Growing commute times and congestion takes a toll on all of us, whether it’s doing the school run in the mornings or commuting to and from work. More time travelling means less time with family and friends and less time enjoying the beach or the park.

Because of our density and proximity to the city, we’re uniquely suited to innovative public transport solutions. I’ll push for expanded trials of on-demand bus services and new public transport infrastructure to help you get to work, and back, faster.

Our communities are growing. And more people require more infrastructure. Wentworth desperately needs more public high school places, to give parents and students a proper choice. I will work with all levels of government to help deliver this.

Tackle housing affordability

Every Australian deserves an achievable pathway to home ownership.

We need to work together to find solutions to ensure more Australians can afford to enter the housing market.

I will oppose new measures, such as Labor’s changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax, that will push up rents and discourage investment in housing.